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3 Facts You Should Know About Social Security Lawyers When You Have A Disabled Child

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If your son or daughter has a disability, he or she may be eligible for social security. However, applying for benefits from the Social Security Administration, or SSA, is not always easy or fast and being approved frequently occurs only after numerous denials. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the information shared below, so that you may have a better chance of advocating for your child’s right to social security disability payments.    1. Your Attorney Will Know Which Tests The SSA Considers When Determining Eligibility  Applying for social security benefits for a child is often more challenging than doing so for an adult. Some reasons for that include the child’s inability to verbalize their issues, which complicates the fact that many disabilities that afflict children are invisible, mental or emotional in nature. Therefore, it is crucial to be sure which tests and evaluations are considered by the SSA when determining a child’s eligibility for benefits. In addition, it will also behoove you to be aware which of those tests and evaluations carry the most weight with the SSA, which could speed up the decision-making process.  2. People Who Hire An Attorney For Social Security Benefits Are More Likely To Be Approved It is important to note that hiring an attorney to assist with the process of applying for social security for a minor is not a guarantee that he or she will be approved for benefits. However, in general, people who apply for benefits or appeal a denied application with the assistance of an experienced attorney, are more likely to be approved for benefits.  Of course, your child will still need to suffer from one of the many illnesses, diseases, and conditions that are on the approved list of benefits with SSA. It is a good idea to remember that some illnesses or conditions, such as a premature birth or a terminal diagnosis may be fast-tracked to a speedier resolution.     3. If Your Baby Was Born Prematurely, An Attorney May Be Able To Get Your Baby Temporary Benefits  Another fact that may be useful to you is only applicable to young babies who were born prematurely. While any baby born prior to 37 weeks of gestation is classified as a preemie, the earlier a child is born, the more likely he or she is to have extensive disabilities and health problems. One example includes cerebral palsy, which is a common problem for many premature children. Regardless, if your child was born early or had a low birth weight for his or her gestational age, there is an excellent possibility that your attorney can help you apply for immediate benefits that can be given for up to six months while the case is being determined. In conclusion, many people, including children, are repeatedly denied for social security disability benefits and are only approved after appealing the inaccurate decision numerous times. As a result, it is crucial for you to be familiar with the information discussed above when you are deciding whether or not you want to apply for social security benefits with the aid of a social security...

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Did Your Cruise to Paradise End in an Injury? 3 Steps You Should Take If You’re Injured on a Cruise Ship

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When you booked your cruise, you never expected it to end with a devastating onboard injury. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and now you’re suffering from the injuries. If you’ve been injured during your cruise to paradise, you need to take action fast. There are certain steps you’ll need to take to ensure you receive the care and compensation you’re entitled to. Here are three things you should do immediately.  Seek Onboard Medical Attention If you’ve been involved in an accident while aboard a cruise ship, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you get home – even if you think the injuries are minor. Seeking medical attention while still onboard the cruise ship will ensure that you begin medical treatment quickly. It will also give the cruise line notification that they’ve had an accident onboard one of their cruise ships. Document the Incident If you’re on vacation, the last thing you were thinking about was accidental injuries. Now that you are injured, it’s important that you document everything regarding the incident. Type of Accident and Injuries The first thing you need to document is the type of accident you were involved in. For example, slipping on a wet floor, falling down the stairs, or tripping on loose carpeting. You’ll also need to document the type of injuries you’ve sustained. Be sure to provide as many details as possible. Witness Information Cruise ships are usually packed with fellow passengers. Unfortunately, once the ship docks, those passengers proceed to their homes – which means you probably won’t see them again. If there were witnesses to the accident, be sure to obtain their names and contact information. This will make it easier for you to contact them regarding your accident claim. It’s also a good idea to ask them to write a brief statement regarding the accident. This will help them keep the details straight. Photographs While you’re taking photographs of your vacation, make sure you take a few of the accident scene. This will ensure that you can provide adequate documentation of any problems that might have contributed to the accident – such as loose carpeting, damaged stairways, etc. Contact an Attorney Finally, if you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, you’ll need to contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are specific rules and regulations regarding these types of accidents. Your attorney will be able to help you through the process, so that you can receive the compensation you’re entitled to.  For more information about these and other steps you should take if you’re injured on a cruise ship, talk to an attorney like those at Kidwell & Gallagher...

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Procuring Evidence For Social Security Based On Mental Illness

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Mental illness is often a good reason to apply for social security. Not being able to hold down employment or take care of yourself due to an illness that happened to you organically means that you do need the financial help. Unfortunately, there are issues that come along with preparing a claim for social security based on mental illness. This means that you will have to jump through additional hoops when it comes to filing a social security income due to mental illness. Here are some ways to bolster your social security claims when it comes time to file or appeal.  Have your attorney hire experts You will need an attorney who is experienced with social security claims to represent you if you file for mental illness. Your attorney will be able to let you know just what is needed to prove your case. Along with being able to file the required documentation, ask your attorney to hire expert witnesses. Mental health experts and social workers will be able to examine you and provide a write up on your behalf. Expert opinion may have a lot of sway in obtaining your social security claim. Gather evidence of historical work issues In order to be approved for social security due to mental illness, you will need to show that you are affected enough that working is not a viable option for you. For this type of claim, proof will be paramount. Gather evidence of being laid off or fired from jobs for specific reasons. If you have had to take leaves of absence due to mental issues, be sure to get these records from your old workplace. Make sure to get paperwork from the reasons why you were dismissed from your job. This will help with proof that holding down a job is not possible for you. Figure out how long your mental illness has been present You will be more likely to get social security for a long term disability issue rather than mental issues that have not been around for very long. If you can show that your mental illness has been around for a long time, or if the symptoms of your illness have been around for a long time, you may be more successful at your claim. If you have old school records showing issues or medical records from your doctor, these can bolster a claim that you have had long standing issues with coping and earning money due to mental issues. Contact a firm like Gieg Law Offices to learn more about your...

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About Ending A Complicated Marriage

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Have you decided that ending your abusive marriage is the best thing for your children? You must keep in mind that the divorce process can be complicated when there are children involved. You might also run into a few speed bumps if there is a prenuptial agreement in place. Getting through such a situation should be done with the assistance of a lawyer if you don’t want any regrets after the divorce is finalized. This article covers a few of the services that a lawyer might provide to help you get through a possibly complicated divorce process. Determine the Extent of Abuse The extent and nature abuse that your spouse has been putting you through will play a major role in your rights in the divorce. For example, if you suffered excessive physical abuse with the children present, you might be able to get full custody of them. Even severe emotional abuse could have had a negative impact on the children. If your spouse has been having an affair, it will be considered as abuse as well. The lawyer will ask if your spouse stopped spending time with you and the children when the affair began. Figure Out if a Prenuptial Agreement is Fair If your spouse asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement before he or she married you, a lawyer can look into the situation. The lawyer will make sure the agreement is fair, such as if you were fully aware of the terms before it was signed. Although it is difficult to contest an agreement that is legal, it is still possible if you agreed to something that was not fully explained. For instance, if your spouse asked you to quickly sign the agreement without you getting to read it, a lawyer might be able to contest the terms. It is possible that the prenuptial agreement is completely null, which can lead to you obtaining more assets in the divorce. Try to Speed Up the Divorce Process After discussing what went on in your marriage that led to you wanting a divorce, a lawyer will try to come up with a fast resolution. The first thing that he or she will do is find out if your spouse is willing to sign the divorce documents. A mediation session can be planned that will allow you and your spouse to resolve the matter without arguing during the process. If the divorce case has to go to court, the lawyer will still try to speed it up as much as possible by presenting a sufficient amount of evidence. For more information contact a firm like Kleveland...

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Not Tying The Knot? What To Know About Domestic Partnerships

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If you’ve decided to cohabitate instead of marry, you are in good company. Living together can present couples with an opportunity to get to know one another better before making it legal, but many couples consider their arrangement more or less permanent and are content with the situation as it is. While this trend seems to be burgeoning, few couples seem to realize the legal ramifications and issues that could result from not having a legal standing. Read on for more information about domestic partnerships. States that legally recognize domestic partnerships In some locations, couples who meet the requirements for domestic partnerships enjoy some of the same benefits as those who are legally married. Those states and cities include: California Colorado Hawaii Illinois Maine Maryland Nevada New Jersey Oregon Washington Washington D.C. New York City San Francisco Domestic partnership benefits If you and your partner reside in one of the above locations, you can look forward to getting the following benefits and legal status. 1. The ability to qualify for health insurance coverage from your partner’s employer. 2. Coverage under the Family and Medical Leave Act. 3. Eligibility for several types of government aid as a couple, such as low-cost housing help and food stamps. 4. Ability to use “married filing jointly” as a tax filing status, which normally results in a lower tax burden. 5. Next of kin or family member status for hospital visiting status. Benefits available in all locations Even if you do not live in one of the above named locations, you may still be able to enjoy some domestic partnership benefits if one of you works for certain major corporations. Upon showing proof of your relationship (such as lease agreements or utility bills), you may be able to cover your partner with health insurance and other benefits that are normally reserved for married couples. To give your partner rights to your property, you can alter a real estate deed by adding your partner’s name to the deed. Legal parental rights can be assigned by legally adopting a minor child from a previous relationship — if the other parent agrees. This action will ensure that you have custody and visitation rights in the event you and your partner split up. Be sure to update your will to include provisions that specifically address your domestic partner. In most states, domestic partners do not enjoy the same rights as a spouse when it comes to inheriting property. Be sure to speak to a family law firm about the formation of a domestic partnership agreement, which can help spell out issues that deal with debt, property ownership, who gets the family pet, etc. While not legally binding, such agreements could carry enough weight to sway a judge if a legal case should arise....

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How To Shorten The Length Of Lawsuits Against Your Business

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Lawsuits against your business, especially group lawsuits where there is more than one plaintiff involved, can drag on forever. They are expensive to defend and the longer they go, the closer to bankruptcy you get. However, there are ways to make the lengths of the lawsuits against your business shorter. Have the Proof to Refute All Claims Made The fastest way to end a lawsuit against your company or business is to have all of the proof needed to refute every claim made by the plaintiff(s). This may take some time to collect, but if your lawyer has the specific complaints right in front of him/her, then you know exactly what to look for in your company’s files, security footage, etc. Then you can refute all of the claims and cut the lawsuit time down to a few days or less. Hire Some Really Good Business Litigation Attorneys Do not try to defend your company/business on your own just to save money. The plaintiffs have a lawyer, and so should you and your company. Whoever you hire, make sure they are really good and have an excellent track record for business litigation defense cases. If Possible, Settle out of Court When you settle a lawsuit, you may feel as though you are taking the coward’s way out or that you are admitting that your company/business is guilty of the offenses outlined in the lawsuit. Regardless of whether or not your company is guilty, pleading out is not a cop-out. It saves everyone thousands of dollars in legal fees, lost time and lost wages or lost profits. Make the plaintiffs a reasonable offer, and they are more likely to accept than spend hours sitting in a stuffy courtroom trying to get more money and/or prove your company’s guilt. If You Cannot Settle, Your Lawyer Will Take His/Her Cues from You Defending your business/company against charges of negligence, fraud, extortion, etc. is a big deal. You may not be able to settle out of court. If the plaintiffs and their lawyers do not accept your offer, your lawyer will have to take the lead on your case and ask you about the outcome you expect should this case continue. Your lawyers will take their cues from you on how you want to proceed, and then continue along those lines until a ruling has been made or until you have decided that you want to switch gears and try to bargain again. For more information, contact local professionals like Evangelista Worley...

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Yes, You Can Be Ordered To Provide For Adult Destitute Children

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Many divorced parents heave sighs of relief when their children turn 18, because it generally means they can stop making child support payments. However, you shouldn’t put away the checkbook just yet. In some circumstances, you may be required to continue providing financial support to a child if the court determines he or she is destitute. Here’s what you need to know to prepare yourself for this eventuality. Adult Destitute Child Factors The courts look at several factors when determining a parents’ financial obligation to their adult children: The child’s mental or physical disabilities When the disability occurred The child’s capacity to earn or obtain income Whether the income is sufficient to cover the child’s reasonable living expenses Although the rules vary from state to state, in general, only adult children who are mentally or physically incapacitated are eligible for extended support. Additionally, that incapacitation typically must have occurred before the child reached the age of majority. Be aware, though, that the state may take certain liberties with this cutoff point. For instance, the age of majority in Indiana is 18. However, a parent must continue paying support until the child is 19. If your child becomes disabled between age 18 and 19, then you may be required to continue paying until the child is no longer incapacitated or can support his or herself. Lastly, most states don’t require adult kids to have absolutely no money to qualify for parental support. The only qualification is the income your child receives (or has the capacity to earn) must be less than his or her reasonable living expenses. If your child earns $1,000 per month working at the library, he or she may still be eligible for financial help from you if his or her living expenses amount to $1,500. The important thing to note here is the income must be readily available to the child at the time the support case is heard. For instance, if the child doesn’t gain access to a trust fund until age 25, the court won’t count that asset towards his or her income when determining whether the child is destitute or not. Planning for the Future If you have separated from your spouse (or in the process of doing so), it’s critical you discuss this issue with an attorney if you have a child who is mentally or physically disabled and may have a difficult time providing for him or herself. A family lawyer can also provide advice and assistance if your ex-spouse is requesting you continue paying support for a child you think is fully capable of financially caring for his or herself. The attorney can let you know what to do to obtain the ideal outcome for your situation. For instance, the lawyer may recommend you set up a trust fund for your child’s long-term care or help you hire an occupational expert who can testify about your child’s earning capabilities. For more information about this issue, contact a lawyer at a law office like Fleishman Law Office...

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Switching Angles for VA Appeal

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After being denied benefits from a Veterans Affairs (VA) claims office, you will have little choice but to change the way your claim is designed. You can appeal the decision as many times as you want, but it’s in your best interests to get everything as close to perfect as possible to get the support you need. If you want to reach victory sooner, here’s a bit of claim-system insight to help you figure out what you need and how a lawyer can help. Battling the Fraud Filter The VA has fairly strict fraud-prevention policies to keep money and resources available for legitimately suffering veterans. It’s no secret that veterans with real issues who need help are declined from time to time, but to prevent fraudsters from taking the money that you and your fellow veterans deserve, there are a few traits that your claim must match. First, your injury or condition must have been caused by military service. This means that injuries before and after your military service are not eligible, but there’s a complex world of conditions that happen during military service that could complicate things. Hereditary conditions aren’t covered unless a mistake is made by the claims system or you’ve kept the condition’s origin a close secret. Some conditions have no clear cause, meaning that they can’t be specifically blamed on military service. This doesn’t mean that the VA won’t approve your claim, but it does mean that you’ll need some strong proof that borders on original medical research to get your claim approved. A professional is necessary in these cases. Second, you’ll need to prove that you’re still suffering from the problem. The VA won’t give you any benefits if you’re not currently suffering or can’t medically prove a continued problem. At most, you’ll get a 0% rating, meaning that you’ll get VA-provided medical care and referrals but not the monetary compensation you’ll need for any economic hardship caused by your condition. Getting a Lawyer for the Right Evidence A denial means that you’ve either done something wrong or run into an especially difficult claims office. In either case, an injury lawyer is necessary to create an iron-clad argument that can break through most doubt—or discover wrongdoing. Injury lawyers have experience in looking through the circumstances of an injury and comparing it to the facts of your life and the claim system. As a military veteran, you’ve likely encountered a lot of different situations that you weren’t familiar with or may not have known about. From uniform burn pits that release chemicals in the form of dangerous inhalants to foreign countries with different health risks, there may be some shred of evidence from an event in your past that you didn’t know about. If you know exactly what caused the problem, the lawyer can help by pinning down the information with the proper links and documentation for a better claim appeal. Contact an injury lawyer to get targeted attention for your VA disability...

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Business Disputes: Mediation, Arbitration, Or Court?

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If you run a business and are involved in a dispute with another business, sometimes talking it out between the two of you just won’t work. When you need a third party to get involved, you might think court is in the future. However, it’s not the only option. Mediation and arbitration are also options. However, not all of these three can work in every circumstance. There’s usually one form that stands out from the others depending on the issues surrounding your case. Trying to Stay Low-Key Sometimes you and the other party don’t want the publicity that can surround a full lawsuit. In that case, mediation or arbitration are better. Arbitration can be private, and mediation doesn’t have to be discussed outside the companies at all, either. Mediation is rather informal — you can’t enforce the final agreement and it kind of relies on the honor system. It’s better for friendly disputes where both parties are interested in working with each other to find a solution. Practical Issues Sometimes you need a legally binding outcome, but you also need it fast or cheap, or both. For that, there’s arbitration. Consider it litigation lite: both parties have to abide by the arbiter’s final decision, and the arbiter is a neutral party just as a judge would be. But it’s a faster process that doesn’t require as much money thrown at it from either side. Arbitration would be your best solution if you need this combination of practicality and legal procedure. It’s also less of a hassle if you’re dealing with an international opponent, too. No Cooperation Sometimes, though, one party is just not going to cooperate, and both sides will insist they’re right. If the battle has become too complicated and acrimonious for arbitration — and there are no contractual clauses stating the parties must go to arbitration instead of court — then plain old litigation is the answer. This is the full lawyer-judge-jury setup that can result in a settlement or verdict. One advantage to litigation is that it requires all evidence be disclosed on both sides. If you think your opponent is hiding evidence, then litigation may be a good path for you. Of course, this all varies from case to case. Speak with a commercial litigation lawyer to figure out if going to court really is in your best interests or if you should choose another option. Visit websites like for more...

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Are You Getting Pushed Around By Your Home Builder? Call A Lawyer Fast

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If you are in the process of building a home and you’ve noticed that the builder has started changing what materials they use for the structure of the home, you will want to take your building contract to a lawyer. It’s important to make sure that you get what you were told you would have for the home and that you are getting what you pay for. Go Over Materials            If you were told you would have granite or hardwood and energy efficient windows, but you are now being charged more or the materials aren’t what you expected, you want your lawyer to make sure you get what you wanted at the original amount you agreed to pay. Your lawyer will go through the building contract to make sure all the materials match up with the expense you’re being charged and with what you are expecting. Look at Closing Costs and Permits You could be over paying for the closing costs and the permits involved with the build of the home. Your lawyer will look through the closing costs, and you shouldn’t be paying for everything. The builder should be paying for some of the costs associated with closing, and your lawyer will see if the builder is trying to markup the costs of the permits. Set the Closing Date It isn’t uncommon for a house to get delayed during the building process and for the closing date to get pushed back. But you want to make sure that the builder doesn’t take advantage of you and put other houses in front of yours when it comes to their priorities. Your lawyer will make sure your builder sticks to the dates that they gave you, and the lawyer will change the document to have penalties if they are late.   When you agree to build a home with a builder, it can be difficult to understand all the details of the contract and to know that you are getting what you pay for when it comes to materials. Hire a lawyer to go over the information so you know you aren’t getting taken advantage of by the building company that you chose to use and so you are sure to get into your home when you need to get in. The builder will know you are serious about getting the project completed, and completed as you expected, when you hire a...

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