Don't Make These Five Common Car Accident Assumptions

After a wreck, it’s all too easy to assume that everything is under control and being handled by your insurance company. It’s important to understand, however, that your insurance company is not actually on your side, nor is the driver that caused your accident. If you fall victim to the following five assumptions, you could seriously jeopardize your chances of getting fairly compensated. Read on to learn more and to avoid missing out on the money damages that you deserve.

How Does Worker's Compensation Work For Freelancers?

According to a recent study from independent research firm Edelman Berland, over 53 million Americans are currently working as freelancers. A good 40 percent of these freelancers are independent contractors – workers who aren’t directly employed by the companies they work for. If you find yourself freelancing on a full-time basis, then you’re probably wondering if you’re still eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits in the event you happen to be injured while performing your work duties.

Why It Is Sometimes A Bad Idea To Pay Off Old Debt

If you had a financial catastrophe in the past and were unable to pay off a debt, you may have received harassing letters and phone calls. But over time, the debt collection calls diminished and you eventually forgot that the debts even existed. Then, you see an increase in your income and you begin wondering if it is now time to finally pay off your debt. However, you should consider a few factors before doing so.

4 Benefits To Hiring A Divorce Attorney

While going through relationship trouble in a marriage can be stressful and upsetting, sometimes it makes sense to split way and file for divorce. This can lessen the upset that you feel each day and can allow each person to do his or her own thing. If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, it’s in your best interest to hire a divorce attorney. There are many benefits to doing so. Take a look at the following information to better understand why you should get help from an attorney.

Tips For Those Going Through Divorce Proceedings

Experiencing a divorce can be one of the least pleasant things that a person can go through. These proceedings combine the stress of a legal proceeding with the emotional hardship of a breakup, and it should not be surprising that this can create conditions that many people find overwhelming. For those that are finding themselves going through a bitter divorce, the following couple of tips may help them to better weather this challenging experience.

Ignoring The Signs: No Liability Signs And What They May Or May Not Mean

Everywhere you go there are signs. There are signs while you drive, there are billboards that advertise, and there are signs in stores. Some signs that you will see in stores, parking garages, and other businesses are signs that denounce any liability for accidents or issues that may occur while on the property. Here are some things that you need to know about these no liability signs and their impact on any trouble that you may have with the business.

Why Should You Request A Paternity Test?

Aside from answering the question of parentage, there are some benefits of having a paternity test performed for your child. Depending on the legal proceedings you are facing or the unique makeup of your family, a paternity test can help you gain access to certain benefits and can help you in court. Here are just a few reasons you should request a paternity test. It Establishs Paternity for Child Support

Dealing With A Denied VA Claim? A Lawyer Can Help

The Veterans Affairs disability claim system is known for being a bit difficult for various reasons. Sometimes it’s just an issue of the claim system being a bit more complex than veterans may expect after coming home from difficult duty while other circumstances may be more questionable in nature. Whether you’re just confused about the claims process or suspect foul play when it comes to a disability claim denial, a bit of insight into the VA claim system and ways that a lawyer can help could bring you closer to success.

What Events Can Stop Child Support Before A Child Turns 18?

For many newly divorced individuals, child support responsibilities can create a significant financial burden. In most cases, child support orders can be expected to remain in place at least until the child reaches the age of 18.  However, there are some scenarios that could cause child support orders to terminate early. The following are five of the most common examples:  Adoption of the child The biological parent of a child generally is not required to continue making child support payments if the child is legally adopted by another individual.

Robots Transform The Way Surgery Is Done

Advances in surgical procedures have led to less invasive operations. For example, surgeons use laparoscopic procedures to perform some types of surgery, such as knee repairs. These techniques involve making tiny incisions and sending a miniature camera and tools inside the patient. More recent advances have led to the use of robots to assist surgeons with operations.  How It’s Done Robotic arm surgery involves using tiny tools on a robotic arm.

Proving Your Personal Injury Case After An Accident

When you have been injured in an accident and another party is responsible, you may have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. When negligence has been established, the next step of your case will be to prove that your injuries are significant and that they are a direct result of the accident you were in. There are a number of ways to strengthen your case, and you will need to gather as much information as possible regarding the accident and your medical treatment.

Don't Take The First Offer: Why Should You Contact An Attorney Instead?

If you’re injured in an accident on the road, the other party’s insurance company may offer you a small settlement right away. Although it may tempt you to take the settlement, you really should contact a personal injury attorney instead. Your personal injury lawyer, like one from Spiegal And Barbato LLP, may get you a higher settlement offer than what the insurance company offers you right now. In addition, the immediate settlement offered by the insurance company may leave you drowning in medical bills if it’s not enough to cover them.

4 Things To Avoid Doing While Out On Bail And Waiting For Your Court Date

If you are facing prison time for the criminal charges you face, you may very well be under a lot of stress. It is easy for you to make mistakes when you’re released on bail and waiting for your trial, especially if you have never been in this position. Here are some things to avoid doing during this time. 1. Talking to Others about the Case Talking to people about your case is not a good idea.

There's No Such Thing As A Cheap Divorce, But You Can Keep Costs Down

There’s an old saying that if you “want to stay wealthy, stay married.” That’s because divorce is expensive. Not only do you no longer have anyone with whom you can pool your resources and share expenses, you have legal fees and possibly support payments. So, how can you keep the cost of your divorce down? 1. Use Mediation Counseling As Much As You Can Mediation is one of the big buzzwords in today’s divorce court because it helps keep the courts from being bogged down with motion after motion while spouses sort out all the details of their divorce.

Four Ways A Speeding Ticket Can Really Mess Up Your Life

Speeding tickets are more than just an expensive inconvenience. They can have far-reaching consequences in your daily life, as well. Before you simply pay the ticket and move on, make sure you aren’t in danger of having this one innocuous ticket ruin your entire life. #1: Community Service – or Worse It’s a given that the speeding ticket may cost you quite a bit in fines. It may cost you even more if you are expected to attend traffic court, which is often the case if the citation is for excessive speeding and reckless driving.

Services You Can Expect From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers can help you negotiate with your insurance company after an accident, or represent you in court when you have a wrongful death claim. But if you are involved in a legal matter, and aren’t sure if a personal injury lawyer is the right type of representative for you, here are some of the common services they offer to help you make the right decision. Worker’s Compensation Claims – If you’re injured on the job, and your employer is refusing to pay a worker’s compensation claim, then a personal injury lawyer can help get you the money and medical care you deserve.