Factors Every Parent Needs To Consider About Child Custody And Support

Divorce cases can be tough and hard to handle emotionally, even more so when there are children involved. Parents fighting over custody may have to face unusual issues that can cost them custody of or visitation rights to their children. The pursuit of child support from one parent can be challenging and time consuming as well. Today, some factors can greatly affect whether or not you can have custody of your child after a divorce.

Smokers May Need To Quit To Keep Their Child or Have Visitation Rights

If you smoke, you may have to quit to visit your child or retain custody rights. One case in Ohio produced a ruling against a mother that smoked around her nine year old daughter. The ruling against the mother was based on evidence from medical research about the damaging effects of secondhand smoke. The girl did not have any illness related to secondhand smoke or smoking in general, thus proving courts can use the possibility of damaging factors to make justified rulings in child custody cases.

Child Support Is Figured Using Pre-Set Guidelines

If you are going through a child custody battle and have all your friends and family telling you how they pay each week for child support, you could feel overwhelmed and frightened at some of the amounts. You may think how you will not be able to afford that much every week. You also know that if you do not pay it, you could go to jail. Do not listen to what other people say about how much they pay for their child support. The amount of your child support will be based upon how much money you earn, meaning you may have to pay a lot less than your friends or family members.

The Mother Does Not Always Get Primary Custody

In the past, divorce cases involving children usually ended up with the kids being at home with their mother while dad was given only visitation rights and an order to pay child support. However, today child custody is a lot different. Courts today look more at the best interests of the children involved. For some kids, that means living with mom may not be in their best interests, thus giving dad primary custody and mom the visitation and child support order.

Families going through child custody battles in court, especially the children, can experience a lot of emotional stress. Learning more about the best way to approach your children about custody issues is extremely important to their emotional well-being. Visiting a qualified family law attorney like Tracy McMurtrie Luck & Associates is a good idea for helping you make the right choices, the kinds of choices you can be sure are in the best interests of your children.