Services You Can Expect From A Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers can help you negotiate with your insurance company after an accident, or represent you in court when you have a wrongful death claim. But if you are involved in a legal matter, and aren't sure if a personal injury lawyer is the right type of representative for you, here are some of the common services they offer to help you make the right decision.

Worker's Compensation Claims -- If you're injured on the job, and your employer is refusing to pay a worker's compensation claim, then a personal injury lawyer can help get you the money and medical care you deserve. Worker's compensation is designed to provide you with weekly payments when you are injured and can't work. It is also designed to pay you a sum of money if your injury permanently disables you. But in some cases, your employer may refuse to honor the claim for one reason or another, which requires you to seek help from a personal injury lawyer to reach a settlement or to receive the weekly payments to which you are entitled. In some instances, employers may fight a worker's compensation claim by citing negligence on your part during the course of the work that lead to the injury. A personal injury lawyer can counter those arguments through witness statements, proving a history of similar injuries and expert testimony about the nature and cause of your injury.

Aviation Loss Claims -- If you are injured in a plane accident, or you lose a loved one in plane crash, a personal injury lawyer can represent you when the time comes to negotiate a settlement with legal representatives of the airline. Aviation loss also includes injuries suffered as you are boarding or leaving a plane, and covers acts of terrorism aboard an aircraft. A personal injury lawyer can represent your rights in a class action suit against an airline that is refusing to settle or isn't settling for the proper amount.

Car Accident Claims -- Probably the most common service provided by a personal injury lawyer is mediation following a car accident that results in injury to your or a loved one. When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that isn't your fault, you may suffer injuries that take a long time to heal. You may also lose work time due to these injuries, and you are entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. A majority of car accident claims are settled in mediation and never make it to court, but you still need an experienced personal injury lawyer to negotiate the settlement, provide documentation and procure the largest settlement that is available.