Dealing With A Denied VA Claim? A Lawyer Can Help

The Veterans Affairs disability claim system is known for being a bit difficult for various reasons. Sometimes it's just an issue of the claim system being a bit more complex than veterans may expect after coming home from difficult duty while other circumstances may be more questionable in nature. Whether you're just confused about the claims process or suspect foul play when it comes to a disability claim denial, a bit of insight into the VA claim system and ways that a lawyer can help could bring you closer to success.

Your Claim Must Be Relevant To Military Service

Many veterans may be confused about what services are available. In some cases, veterans may be confused about rumors or illegal promises about guaranteed medical care after serving in the military. To clarify the situation, you need to understand that only service-connected conditions are eligible for the VA disability support system.

A service-connected condition is a condition that was caused by events during your military service. It doesn't matter if you were at work, in or out of combat, visiting home on leave or touring a foreign country on your free time; as long as you were active duty or reserve duty in the military, your condition is relevant to the VA disability system.

There are even times when a pre-existing condition can be eligible for VA disability. For example, a person who already has eyesight problems could claim disability if their vision became worse at a higher rate than the average vision loss rate--a measurement that needs to be explained and observed by either a VA optometrist or a civilian optometrist. Such situations are handled on a case-by-case basis, so don't rule yourself out if you're not sure.

There are benefits available for veterans who weren't injured during their military time. As long as you have a discharge in any category other than dishonorable, you can qualify for a basic health benefits system with services such as preventative health (medical exams, health education and immunization) and other inpatient services. Unfortunately, monetary compensation is not part of the basic health package.

A Lawyer May Be Necessary

If your claim is denied, it's either because the issue does not seem service-connected or because the issue does not appear to be a current ailment. Although the underlying causes are different for every veteran, the solution is to get evidence that supports your appeal without a shadow of a doubt.

A personal injury lawyer can help by researching your military medical reports, service record entries, local news information, official testimony or any proof that links your condition to military service. To prove your current level of disability, a civilian medical team with claim system-specific experience can guide you through examinations that can both seek a solution to your condition and create the medical evidence that you need.

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