How To Shorten The Length Of Lawsuits Against Your Business

Lawsuits against your business, especially group lawsuits where there is more than one plaintiff involved, can drag on forever. They are expensive to defend and the longer they go, the closer to bankruptcy you get. However, there are ways to make the lengths of the lawsuits against your business shorter.

Have the Proof to Refute All Claims Made

The fastest way to end a lawsuit against your company or business is to have all of the proof needed to refute every claim made by the plaintiff(s). This may take some time to collect, but if your lawyer has the specific complaints right in front of him/her, then you know exactly what to look for in your company's files, security footage, etc. Then you can refute all of the claims and cut the lawsuit time down to a few days or less.

Hire Some Really Good Business Litigation Attorneys

Do not try to defend your company/business on your own just to save money. The plaintiffs have a lawyer, and so should you and your company. Whoever you hire, make sure they are really good and have an excellent track record for business litigation defense cases.

If Possible, Settle out of Court

When you settle a lawsuit, you may feel as though you are taking the coward's way out or that you are admitting that your company/business is guilty of the offenses outlined in the lawsuit. Regardless of whether or not your company is guilty, pleading out is not a cop-out. It saves everyone thousands of dollars in legal fees, lost time and lost wages or lost profits. Make the plaintiffs a reasonable offer, and they are more likely to accept than spend hours sitting in a stuffy courtroom trying to get more money and/or prove your company's guilt.

If You Cannot Settle, Your Lawyer Will Take His/Her Cues from You

Defending your business/company against charges of negligence, fraud, extortion, etc. is a big deal. You may not be able to settle out of court. If the plaintiffs and their lawyers do not accept your offer, your lawyer will have to take the lead on your case and ask you about the outcome you expect should this case continue. Your lawyers will take their cues from you on how you want to proceed, and then continue along those lines until a ruling has been made or until you have decided that you want to switch gears and try to bargain again.

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