About Ending A Complicated Marriage

Have you decided that ending your abusive marriage is the best thing for your children? You must keep in mind that the divorce process can be complicated when there are children involved. You might also run into a few speed bumps if there is a prenuptial agreement in place. Getting through such a situation should be done with the assistance of a lawyer if you don't want any regrets after the divorce is finalized. This article covers a few of the services that a lawyer might provide to help you get through a possibly complicated divorce process.

Determine the Extent of Abuse

The extent and nature abuse that your spouse has been putting you through will play a major role in your rights in the divorce. For example, if you suffered excessive physical abuse with the children present, you might be able to get full custody of them. Even severe emotional abuse could have had a negative impact on the children. If your spouse has been having an affair, it will be considered as abuse as well. The lawyer will ask if your spouse stopped spending time with you and the children when the affair began.

Figure Out if a Prenuptial Agreement is Fair

If your spouse asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement before he or she married you, a lawyer can look into the situation. The lawyer will make sure the agreement is fair, such as if you were fully aware of the terms before it was signed. Although it is difficult to contest an agreement that is legal, it is still possible if you agreed to something that was not fully explained. For instance, if your spouse asked you to quickly sign the agreement without you getting to read it, a lawyer might be able to contest the terms. It is possible that the prenuptial agreement is completely null, which can lead to you obtaining more assets in the divorce.

Try to Speed Up the Divorce Process

After discussing what went on in your marriage that led to you wanting a divorce, a lawyer will try to come up with a fast resolution. The first thing that he or she will do is find out if your spouse is willing to sign the divorce documents. A mediation session can be planned that will allow you and your spouse to resolve the matter without arguing during the process. If the divorce case has to go to court, the lawyer will still try to speed it up as much as possible by presenting a sufficient amount of evidence.

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