Did Your Cruise to Paradise End in an Injury? 3 Steps You Should Take If You're Injured on a Cruise Ship

When you booked your cruise, you never expected it to end with a devastating onboard injury. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and now you're suffering from the injuries. If you've been injured during your cruise to paradise, you need to take action fast. There are certain steps you'll need to take to ensure you receive the care and compensation you're entitled to. Here are three things you should do immediately. 

Seek Onboard Medical Attention

If you've been involved in an accident while aboard a cruise ship, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Don't wait until you get home – even if you think the injuries are minor. Seeking medical attention while still onboard the cruise ship will ensure that you begin medical treatment quickly. It will also give the cruise line notification that they've had an accident onboard one of their cruise ships.

Document the Incident

If you're on vacation, the last thing you were thinking about was accidental injuries. Now that you are injured, it's important that you document everything regarding the incident.

Type of Accident and Injuries

The first thing you need to document is the type of accident you were involved in. For example, slipping on a wet floor, falling down the stairs, or tripping on loose carpeting. You'll also need to document the type of injuries you've sustained. Be sure to provide as many details as possible.

Witness Information

Cruise ships are usually packed with fellow passengers. Unfortunately, once the ship docks, those passengers proceed to their homes – which means you probably won't see them again. If there were witnesses to the accident, be sure to obtain their names and contact information. This will make it easier for you to contact them regarding your accident claim. It's also a good idea to ask them to write a brief statement regarding the accident. This will help them keep the details straight.


While you're taking photographs of your vacation, make sure you take a few of the accident scene. This will ensure that you can provide adequate documentation of any problems that might have contributed to the accident – such as loose carpeting, damaged stairways, etc.

Contact an Attorney

Finally, if you've been injured on a cruise ship, you'll need to contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are specific rules and regulations regarding these types of accidents. Your attorney will be able to help you through the process, so that you can receive the compensation you're entitled to. 

For more information about these and other steps you should take if you're injured on a cruise ship, talk to an attorney like those at Kidwell & Gallagher LTD.