The Impact Of The "Me, Too" Campaign On Sexual Harassment: Why Now Is The Time To Strike

In the past six months, more and more women are coming forward to say that they were molested, assaulted, or raped. Women in Hollywood started it, and it gave regular, everyday women the chance to stand up to their offenders. The strength in feminine numbers has also set in motion another phenomenon; the highest number of sexual harassment lawsuits seen in, well, never. 

The "Me, Too," campaign has swept the nation. Accusers and accusations are flying, but this time, accusations are sticking to the accused. If you are a woman who has been sexually harassed, threatened, groped, molested, raped, or just made to feel uncomfortable for being a woman, now is the time to strike. Here is why.

It Is a Hot Button Issue

Waiting in silence is never a good idea because you might wait too long to sue the man or men who wronged you. Still, if you come forward now, you can at least be heard. The "Me, Too" campaign is a hot button issue that is not going to cool off anytime soon. That allows you to announce who wronged you, in a very public way, so that other women cannot be hurt or maligned by the same men. Additionally, if you come forward, any more recent cases of rape, sexual harassment, etc., committed against other women will help them come forward and get justice for all of the victims.

Some States Have Lengthy Statutes of Limitations for Crimes Against Women

Some states have lengthy statutes of limitations for crimes like rape. If your own experiences are still within the statute of limitations for your state, you can get justice now. Now, people will listen and believe you. You will not be ignored in the current culture of women standing up for themselves against these unpleasant and heinous acts. Not to mention that no sitting judge will want to be ousted from his position by going against the political environment surrounding the "Me, Too" campaign.

Newer, Stronger, Better, and More Specific Laws on Sexual Harassment 

In places that appear to have a very big issue with "Me, Too" accusers and unreported crimes, harassment laws are being rewritten. Companies are attempting to clarify and reword such offensive behaviors so that no man can misinterpret what the company restrictions are or what the state laws say are not allowed. That is good news, since some laws and restrictions are, and have been, too loosely interpreted in these areas for too long.

You Can Find Support Groups Locally That Will Help You Hire a Sexual Harassment Attorney

Every major city has a women's support group now for women who have experienced harassment, molestation, rape, etc.. Many of these groups help women hire a lawyer if your case is still within the statute of limitations. That is good news for you, especially if you cannot afford a lawyer, but you do want to seek justice. The support groups consider it a valuable cause to help put your offender behind bars, or at least make sure your offender never does it again to anyone else.

Take Back Your Dignity and Your Life

You have the right to work without being harassed, groped, molested, raped, threatened, or having to hear jokes about female anatomy and rape.  These issues are not a joke, as the "Me, Too" campaign is making clear. You can take back your dignity and your life. All you have to do is hire a lawyer and sue the man or men responsible. If you cannot sue them because the statute of limitations has run out, find a more current victim who can. Encourage her to come forward, and your lawyer will help.