3 Reasons Why A Workers Compensation Attorney Is Crucial To Your Case

Have you been injured while at work? Is your employer trying to make things difficult for you and prevent you from getting the compensation that you rightly deserve? When you've suffered a workplace injury, it's often not the injury itself that is the worst part. Instead, it's how you are treated by your employer when you attempt to claim compensation for the injuries that they should have been able to prevent. When this happens, it's time to get an attorney on your side. Although you may have been trying to avoid that for one reason or another, there are several good reasons to consider this course of action. A few of the most important reasons include:

No money down: While there are certainly attorneys who will want to have a substantial amount of money up front before they begin working for you, this isn't true of attorneys who handle workers compensation cases. Instead of a cash retainer and then being paid by the hour, these attorneys will accept a fixed percentage of the money that you receive as a settlement. If your attorney is unsuccessful in his or her efforts, for whatever reason, then you will owe nothing to him or her.

Less red tape: In some circumstances, one of the reasons why it can be difficult to get the compensation that you deserve is due to red tape. You may be required to submit a certain piece of paperwork in order to process your claim, only it's not made clear exactly what documentation should be included with your submission. An attorney who has handled workers compensation cases will know from past experience exactly what paperwork is expected and whether or not it is currently missing from your submission. If it is missing, then he or she will be able to swiftly correct this oversight in order to help get your claim processed more quickly.

Faster recognition: Every day, dozens or perhaps even hundreds of people file fake workers compensation claims. Some file a claim to get back at their employers while others are tired of work and see this as an "easy" way to get money without having a job. Unfortunately, this means that when someone like you comes along, your claim can get lost among all the fake claims, easily denied or dismissed. Having an attorney on your side lends instant credibility to your claims and lets people know that you're serious about your injury. While it can still take some time for your claim to process, an attorney will make it much more difficult for your claim to be ignored or forgotten.