Is Jaywalking Still An Offense? And Other Traffic Laws That Result In Tickets/Fines

At one time, you could be ticketed for riding your bike on a sidewalk. In many cities, you still may be ticketed for this offense. It will often cost you something in fees, but you will have to decide if it is something for which you want a traffic lawyer. Here are a bunch of other minor traffic offenses, for which there are fines if you are caught and ticketed. Bring your lawyer to the hearing, if you are required to attend a hearing or you want to defend your position.

Jaywalking Is Real, Y'all!

Jaywalking is a real traffic offense. It exists in every state, but every city in that state defines the offense a little differently. For the most part, it involves ignoring the traffic lights and cross walks, and crossing the streets however you please. If there are no crossing signs or traffic lights, you are only allowed to cross at intersections. The rest of the time, crossing a street in any other way is considered jaywalking. The fines vary as much as the number of cities in a single state.

Walking with the Flow of Traffic Is Illegal

This is a very strange traffic law, but one which sort of makes sense when police explain it. (If you see a car headed right at you, you can get out of the way. If you do not see it about to hit you from behind, you are in trouble.) If you are walking on a sidewalk, you can walk any direction you want. If you are walking on the road because there is no sidewalk, you need to walk against the flow of traffic. Walking on the road with the flow of traffic is illegal, and the ticket amount is often on par or greater than the amount for jaywalking.

Biking on the Road Against Traffic Is Illegal

Try and wrap your brain around this one. You cannot walk with the flow of traffic, and you cannot bike against the flow of traffic. You are supposed to remain in the bike lane and bike with traffic. You cannot be in the bike lane and go against traffic, even though you are in the bike lane. The reasons for this are stranger than the rules for walking on the road, but there it is. Fees are higher for illegal bike activity than walking activity. With all of the possible witnesses to you biking the wrong direction, you are going to need a lawyer, like Walsh Fewkes Sterba.