Speeding Things Up With Workers' Compensation

It can seem to take a very long time to get a settlement from the workers' compensation carrier when you've been hurt at work. You might not realize it, but you can take action to move things along a lot quicker. Read on for some tips on bringing your case to a successful resolution in a smaller amount of time.

Get legal representation: While it's smart to seek legal help if your claim is being denied or delayed, you might have more of a timely case closure if you get a lawyer on your side. The workers' compensation insurance company might have more incentive to begin negotiating once they know you are serious about your rights to benefits. Additionally, workers' comp lawyers know all about the process, what you are entitled to get and how to get it quickly.

Ask for a settlement: For cases that are in dispute, you will eventually have the option of taking your case through a step-ladder of hearings and a trial. You can, however, also settle your case in a lot less time than all those hearings will take. Your attorney will likely be keeping you informed about any settlement offers from the insurance carrier but make sure that you let the attorney know about your willingness to settle the case. This might mean taking a smaller amount of money or compromising on benefits but you will be able to focus on dealing with your injury that much sooner. Once the negotiations begin you can expect a resolution fairly quickly as long as you are willing to accept a fair but adequate amount.

Stay in touch: Communication is important particularly when cases drag on for some time. Contact your lawyer on a weekly basis and be sure to comply with any information or document requests in a timely manner. Many workers' comp activities are based on a strict and tight timeline so take part in ensuring that your lawyer has every bit of information needed to successfully advocate for you.

Attend meetings, hearing and exams: When a case is disputed, you are likely in for a number of meetings and hearings. It's important to understand the way these events are set up and how important it is to avoid rescheduling. Often, these events are set up based on the convenience of the doctor, insurance representative, the workers' comp board, your employer and just about everyone else but you. Regardless of the inconvenience, rescheduling can tack months onto a claim's resolution so try to attend all doctor's exams and meetings on time and ready to go.

Speak to professionals such as Oxner + Permar, PLLC about your desires to speed your case up and get paid what you are owed.