Can You Wait To Bring In A Personal Injury Attorney Until Later?

If you've sustained injuries in an accident that you were not at fault for, it's always advisable to act as quickly as possible. In legal matters, every extra day you spend without taking any decisive action can count against you in a big way.

Many people don't act as quickly as they should simply because they don't know what to do. Many of them assume that insurance companies will do what they're supposed to do simply because there is no dispute regarding who's at fault. As a result, many wait until the last possible moment to bring in an attorney.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

If it's your first time filing a personal injury claim, it's highly unlikely that you know exactly what you need to do. Filing a claim can be a long process of going back and forth with the insurance company. If you need the money urgently e.g. to pay for treatment or due to loss of income, this long delay is to your detriment.

A personal injury attorney will know what you need to do, how to respond to the claims, and what to do when the negotiations don't seem to be going anywhere.

Is Waiting to Bring in a Lawyer Later a Good Idea?

Waiting until your negotiations with the insurance company appear to have hit a brick wall before you bring in a law firm, such as Kilgore Smith LLC, can hurt your chances of winning your claim. In the time wasted, you could have communicated something that the insurance company could use against you when you go to court.

During this time, something else might happen that may reopen the question of who was at fault in the accident. Therefore, by the time you bring in the lawyer, what seemed like an easy win, in the beginning, may be a much bigger challenge.

Having an Attorney Shows You Mean Business

The tactics used by some insurance companies usually count on the other party being ignorant of what their rights are. Sometimes, they also count on being able to wear the claimant down to the point where they'll accept the first sign of a reasonable offer.

It's in such cases that having a lawyer from the beginning makes a huge difference. When the first letter the insurance company receives on your behalf is from a lawyer, the insurance company knows that they're dealing with someone who isn't ignorant and unlikely to be worn down.