Factors To Consider Before Choosing Divorce Mediation

As you begin working towards a divorce, you might wonder if mediation is an option you should consider. If you know people who used it, you might want to investigate it, too, as it can work well. While you evaluate this option, you need to know three things.

What It Is

Divorce mediation is a method that couples use for their divorces, and it is an alternative to traditional divorces. Through mediation, you and your spouse work together with a third-party to settle your divorce case. The third-party is a mediator, and the mediator is there to walk you through the settlement process. The mediator has several duties, but the primary responsibility is to be non-bias. The second duty is to work through each issue in the divorce until you reach a mutual agreement. Mediators have other duties, too, but these are the primary two.

Qualities Needed to Use This Method

One thing you should know about mediation is that it is not the best choice for all divorcing couples. Couples should only use this method if they meet the following conditions:

  • Both spouses want the divorce and agree to it.
  • The spouses are civil, friendly, and kind to each other.
  • The spouses agree to give and take with the settlement and are not afraid to lose a little.
  • The spouses agree to be honest.
  • The spouses do not have major disputes with issues.

Divorce mediation might be right for you if you meet these conditions. You can discuss your situation with a lawyer or divorce mediator to find out if this option is right for you.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

You might be wondering why people choose mediation. Most people that use mediation choose it for the benefits it offers. Mediation offers a way to avoid fighting in a divorce, and it provides a way to settle matters without hiring separate lawyers. You will likely pay less for your divorce if you use this method, so this is another benefit. There are many benefits of using divorce mediation, but you should only use it if you believe it is the right option. If you do not meet the conditions, you should use a different option.

Would you consider using divorce mediation for your situation? If so, talk to your spouse to determine if he or she is willing to consider it. You can also speak with a divorce mediator to find out more details about this option.