Addressing The Effects Of Substance Abuse In Divorce Cases

Marriages may break down when a spouse's substance abuse issues make staying together untenable. When filing for divorce over a partner's alcoholism, describing various incidents may become necessary when addressing child custody, alimony, and more. A divorce lawyer could sway the court to give a more favorable ruling to someone whose spouse's alcohol or drug issues caused hardships.

Substance Abuse and Hardships

Someone who abuses alcohol, prescription pills, or other substances not only hurts themselves but also hurts close relatives. Living in a home with a spouse struggling with substance abuse issues can lead to harmful, life-altering incidents. In divorce court, proof of an established track record of troubling behavior can have consequences. An attorney can address several problems not limited to:

Financial Hardships

Addictions can lead to financial mismanagement. Spending money on an out-of-control drug habit can drain family funds. Running up credit accounts to support the lavish and uncontrollable spending of someone continually exercising poor judgment due to impairments also creates hardships. Loss of income may derive from problems connected to dealing with a spouse's behavior.

Accidents and Physical Confrontations

Frequent car crashes and brawls in bars are scenarios that place the spouse at risk for serious injury. The stress of dealing with someone who places him or herself in constant danger can way down on the mind of someone else. Concerns arise about the safety of children around such an individual. Medical and other bills can add up due to various incidents, further increasing a family's financial strains.

Legal Troubles

Someone who consistently gets into run-ins with the law over disorderly conduct, unsafe driving, and other issues, possibly including resisting arrest, depleting family resources, and creating tremendous tumult. Even innocent parties may find themselves dragged into legal woes, such as when a vehicle involved in an accident is registered to an innocent spouse.

Abusive Behavior

A person who displays mental and physical cruelty towards their spouse due to being under the influence can be unsafe to live with. Abusive relationships can lead to severe mental scars, potentially necessitating years of therapy to alleviate.

Divorcing a spouse due to substance abuse and addiction issues relies on presenting significant detailed information to the court. Retaining an experienced family law and divorce attorney would help the cause of anyone seeking out of the marriage with the most favorable judgment. Receiving more than 50% of the marital assets, for example, could help cover some financial costs, at the very least.