4 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you had a situation where you were injured and now find yourself filing a personal injury lawsuit, you want to make sure you do everything possible to put yourself in a position of success. When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, you should avoid lots of classic mistakes that will hamper the potential success of your case.

Mistake #1: Assume Your Case Will Go to a Jury Trial

Many people assume when they file a case that it will go to a jury trial. The truth is many personal injury cases are settled long before the case is set to be presented to the courts. Most cases go through things such as discovery, where both sides research the case, and then there will be settlement negotiations.

Very few cases ever go to trial, and when they do, you are more likely to appear before a judge instead of a jury. Don't count on your case is presented to a jury; build your case and expect it to be settled between the insurance company and the attorneys.

Mistake #2: Assuming Your Case Will Be Easy

Next, you should not assume that your case will be easy. Some cases are straightforward, but many cases are complex. You can't just make a claim; you need to be capable of backing that claim up with evidence. If you don't have evidence of what happened, you will not get very far with your case.

Mistake #3: Getting Rid of Evidence

With a personal injury case, you need evidence if you want your case to succeed. The more evidence and information that you provide your attorney with, the stronger the chance your attorney has of building a strong case that will win you a settlement.

You need to provide your attorney with evidence of what happened. You are going to want to have pictures, videos, and eyewitness testaments. You should gather up medical evidence as well. The more paperwork you can provide your attorney with, the more they will have to work in order to build your case. Your attorney should help you collect evidence, but the more you give them to work with, the better. Don't delete pictures or any evidence you have.

Mistake #4: Only Working with a General Practitioner

Next, when it comes to medical evidence, you will want to have more than a statement from a general practitioner. It is easy to get misdiagnosed by a general practitioner, so you will want to make sure a specialist also diagnoses you when you are pursuing a legal claim. You will want to confirm your diagnosis with a specialist and get an assessment of your future healthcare needs.

If you have questions about how the lawsuit process will work, ask your personal injury attorney for clarification