Did A Faulty Product Catch Your Home On Fire? Get Compensation For Your Injuries And Damages Now

Did your home almost burn down, and people were badly injured, because a product was faulty and caught fire? If so, you want to find a product default lawyer to start working on your case while the facts and evidence are still obtainable.

If there was foul play, the product shouldn't be on the market, and the product almost cost your family their lives, you deserve to be compensated. Here are a few things you want to bring for your consultation with a lawyer.

Information on the Alleged Product that Caused the Fire

If the fire sourced from one product, or if you are sure that it did, the lawyer needs all the information. This means:

  • Manufacturer information
  • Date of purchase
  • Amount of product use
  • The area where the product was used

This way the lawyer can look to see if there are any recalls or similar incidents regarding the product, and they will study the product. The lawyer may run tests to show that the product is faulty and caused the fire.

Firefighter Reports

After any fire is put out by the authorities there is a report performed. This should show what the suspected cause of the fire was, where the fire started, and how much damage was done to the home. This may be the most crucial piece of evidence for your case.


Get a detailed list of the injuries everyone in the house suffered because of this fire. This would be anything from:

  • Medical bills and statements
  • Pictures of the injuries
  • Scans or MRIs
  • Doctors' reports

The more details you have about your injuries, the more evidence you have to show how badly everyone was affected by this fire.


There will be a lot of costs associated with the fire, and you shouldn't be carrying the burdens. Costs to document include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Fire cleaning costs
  • Repair and rebuilding projections
  • Loss of wages from time away from work
  • Cost to live in another location

Any bill or burden that is now a problem in your life that is a direct effect of the fire needs to be brought in front of the lawyer, so it is considered for your compensation.

When you purchase something at the store or that comes from a reputable manufacturer you expect it to be safe. If you trusted a product and your home is now damaged, and your family badly injured, get legal representation right away. 

For more information, contact a local defective product law office