3 Things You Should Know About Airbnb Injury Claims

If you suffer injuries in an Airbnb, you deserve compensation just like any other injury victim. However, your path to compensation might be different from other injury victims. As is usually the case with injury claims, the injury's nature, the liable party, and other accident circumstances determine your compensation.

Below are three things you should know about an injury claim after an Airbnb injury.

1. Premises Liability Law Usually Applies

Your injury's cause determines liability. However, most Airbnb injuries fall under premises liability law, which makes the host liable for your injuries. For example, your host might be liable for your injuries if:

  • You trip and fall because of damaged flooring
  • You suffer electrocution due to poor electrical wiring
  • You suffer burn injuries due to a poorly maintained heating system
  • You suffer respiratory problems due to malfunctioning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system

The host's liability depends on:

  • Whether they knew or should have known about the danger that caused your injury
  • Whether they did anything to mitigate injury risks on their property

Get medical care to diagnose your injury and connect it to the accident.

2. Homeowner's Insurance Excludes Business Activities

Injury victims with premises liability claims usually get their compensation from homeowner's insurance. For example, if you slip and fall when visiting an acquaintance, their home insurance coverage may compensate you for your injuries. The situation is different for Airbnb injuries.

However, homeowner's insurance excludes business activities. Airbnb is a business activity, so it's unlikely that the host's home insurance coverage will compensate for your injuries. Conventional hotels often have commercial insurance to cover such risks, but many Airbnb hosts lack similar coverage.

3. Airbnb Host Protection Insurance

The host's home insurance coverage might not cover your accident, but you still have Airbnb host protection insurance for compensation. The insurance covers Airbnb guests who suffer bodily injuries or property damages while on hosts' properties. The coverage covers claims of up to one million dollars, so you must look elsewhere if your injuries exceed the limit.

Host protection insurance has exclusions just like other insurance policies. For example, the coverage won't compensate injuries that the host intentionally triggers. For example, the coverage might not help if you get into a scuffle and get hurt.

Hopefully, you will get the compensation you deserve for your Airbnb injuries. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to review your case and help you pursue the compensation. Most injury lawyers charge contingency fees, so you only pay them after you get your compensation. 

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