Tips On How To Get A Quick Divorce

A divorce that drags on for a long time is not good for your mental health, children's well-being, or finances. Once you are sure you want a divorce, take measures to conclude the process as fast as possible. Below are a few tips that can help you with that decision.

Confirm You Are on the Same Page

Your chances of divorcing fast are high if your partner wants the same thing. Confirm that you are on the same page with your partner before making moves for a fast divorce. For example, alternative divorce methods such as collaboration and mediation are good ways to divorce fast. However, you need your partner's consent and participation to use those divorce methods.

Get a Summary Divorce

Get a summary dissolution of marriage, or summary divorce, if your jurisdiction has the option. A summary divorce is a simplified divorce alternative with minimal paperwork and bureaucracy. State laws determine who can get a summary divorce. In some states, you only qualify for this option if:

  • You don't have minor children
  • You had a short marriage
  • You have minimal assets and liabilities
  • Neither of you wants alimony

In many places, you just need to agree with your spouse, fill out a few forms, and get the court's approval.

Consult Professionals

Different complications can unnecessarily prolong your divorce. For example, you might have problems with your business valuation or income calculation. The right professionals can help you quickly deal with these complications and dissolve your marriage.

A divorce lawyer is the first professional to consult. The lawyer will advise and help you consult other professionals if necessary. For example, the lawyer may advise hiring a financial or tax consultation if you have high-value assets.

Be Wary of Amateur Legal Advice

Channel all legal questions to your divorce lawyer. Don't take legal advice from non-professionals, such as family members, religious leaders, or therapists. Otherwise, you might make moves that delay instead of hastening your divorce. For example, you might include alimony or child visitation provisions that the law does not allow in your agreement.

Be Ready To Compromise

Lastly, accept from the onset that you are unlikely to get everything you want in the divorce settlement. You might not get the exact child custody and visitation arrangement you want. The alimony amount might not be as high as you want. Your partner might not get everything they want either. Accept compromise, and your divorce will conclude quickly.

Reach out to a family attorney near you to learn more.