Don't Take The First Offer: Why Should You Contact An Attorney Instead?

If you're injured in an accident on the road, the other party's insurance company may offer you a small settlement right away. Although it may tempt you to take the settlement, you really should contact a personal injury attorney instead. Your personal injury lawyer, like one from Spiegal And Barbato LLP, may get you a higher settlement offer than what the insurance company offers you right now.

In addition, the immediate settlement offered by the insurance company may leave you drowning in medical bills if it's not enough to cover them. Here are reasons why you shouldn't take the insurance company's first offer.

Ruin Your Credit

Medical bills can be placed on your credit reports and lower your credit scores if you don't pay them when you obtain your accident settlement. Depending on the amount and type of medical bills you have, bill collectors may choose to sue you in court if you don't pay them.

Although your personal injury attorney may spend more time on your case than you feel comfortable with, they may want to secure the highest amount possible for your injuries. If a bill collector harasses you during your accident case, contact your attorney and let them handle it for you. 

Prevent You From Receiving Additional Medical Care

Taking a quick accident settlement may keep you from receiving the right medical care. If you experience setbacks in your health after taking the insurance company's first offer, you may lose the opportunity to receive additional treatment, medication and therapy. In this case, the medical care and expenses may fall on you. 

When you experience an accident, your personal injury attorney may send you to doctors who work with accident victims. The attorney needs this pertinent information in order to reinforce your case against the other driver. Keep in mind that the attorney must investigate the accident thoroughly before presenting it to the insurance company, or they risk losing your case.

What to Do Until Your Attorney Finishes Your Case

In order to get through the time it may take for your personal injury attorney to successfully complete your case, you may want to contact your state for assistance with food, utility bills and other obligations. The churches in your area may also be of help. It's a good idea that you contact each individual organization to find out when they offer assistance to residents in your community.

Your personal injury lawyer is here to help you overcome the problems you may face while they fight for your settlement. If you have questions about your settlement options, don't hesitate to call your attorney for answers.