Not Tying The Knot? What To Know About Domestic Partnerships

If you’ve decided to cohabitate instead of marry, you are in good company. Living together can present couples with an opportunity to get to know one another better before making it legal, but many couples consider their arrangement more or less permanent and are content with the situation as it is. While this trend seems to be burgeoning, few couples seem to realize the legal ramifications and issues that could result from not having a legal standing.

How To Shorten The Length Of Lawsuits Against Your Business

Lawsuits against your business, especially group lawsuits where there is more than one plaintiff involved, can drag on forever. They are expensive to defend and the longer they go, the closer to bankruptcy you get. However, there are ways to make the lengths of the lawsuits against your business shorter. Have the Proof to Refute All Claims Made The fastest way to end a lawsuit against your company or business is to have all of the proof needed to refute every claim made by the plaintiff(s).

Yes, You Can Be Ordered To Provide For Adult Destitute Children

Many divorced parents heave sighs of relief when their children turn 18, because it generally means they can stop making child support payments. However, you shouldn’t put away the checkbook just yet. In some circumstances, you may be required to continue providing financial support to a child if the court determines he or she is destitute. Here’s what you need to know to prepare yourself for this eventuality. Adult Destitute Child Factors

Switching Angles for VA Appeal

After being denied benefits from a Veterans Affairs (VA) claims office, you will have little choice but to change the way your claim is designed. You can appeal the decision as many times as you want, but it’s in your best interests to get everything as close to perfect as possible to get the support you need. If you want to reach victory sooner, here’s a bit of claim-system insight to help you figure out what you need and how a lawyer can help.

Business Disputes: Mediation, Arbitration, Or Court?

If you run a business and are involved in a dispute with another business, sometimes talking it out between the two of you just won’t work. When you need a third party to get involved, you might think court is in the future. However, it’s not the only option. Mediation and arbitration are also options. However, not all of these three can work in every circumstance. There’s usually one form that stands out from the others depending on the issues surrounding your case.

Are You Getting Pushed Around By Your Home Builder? Call A Lawyer Fast

If you are in the process of building a home and you’ve noticed that the builder has started changing what materials they use for the structure of the home, you will want to take your building contract to a lawyer. It’s important to make sure that you get what you were told you would have for the home and that you are getting what you pay for. Go Over Materials           

Three Things You Must Disclose On Your Divorce Paperwork

When you are going through a divorce, especially a very contentious proceeding, you are stressed and it’s easy to forget the little things. Divorce paperwork may seem complicated, but it is merely a matter of reading the documents thoroughly and providing all of the information the court needs. When you fill out your financial disclosures for the purposes of spousal support or child support, you may forget to disclose some types of income.

Divorce Leading To Parental Alienation? Here Are 4 Steps You Can Take To Remedy The Situation

If you’re involved in a heated custody battle, you want what’s best for your children. Unfortunately, not all parents feel that way. Some parents—for whatever reason—simply want to maintain control of the situation. That’s where parental alienation comes in. If your ex is working to undermine the relationship you have with your children, don’t give up. There are ways that you can work to combat the situation. However, it’s important that you do so in a positive manner.

Plan To Return To Work After Bypass Surgery? Don't Cancel Your Disability Claim Yet

If you file for disability benefits after having bypass heart surgery but now change your mind and plan to return to work after your recovery, you may wonder if you should cancel your disability claim or allow it to go through. Canceling your claim may not be the best idea right now. Unless your doctors give you a clean bill of health, it’s a good idea that you wait to see if your heart surgery is successful.

What Can You Do If Your Boss Is Discriminating Against You Because You Are Pregnant?

When you learn you are having a baby and tell your boss about it, you may not expect to be treated any differently as long as you continue to perform well at work. However, as time passes, you might start to notice that your boss tries to change the scope of your duties or put you in a less prominent position with clients. You may not be given a promotion you were promised.

3 Changes In Illinois Law That Can Impact You And Your Children During And After A Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided that the best choice for the two of you and your children is to end the marriage, it is important to be aware of new laws in Illinois that can impact divorces in that state. For instance,the existence of child custody as it has functioned for many years will change radically. If you or your spouse will be filing for divorce in the near future, it will be in your best interests to be aware of the following changes to Illinois law.

What Employers Must Know About Disabilities And The Job Interview

As an employer, choosing employees is one of your most important job functions. It is crucial to fully understand what you are not allowed to ask candidates when it comes to disabilities. The following is a guide to what you can and cannot ask a potential employee:  What You Cannot Discuss With Job Applicants And Potential Employees There are certain questions that you are not allowed to ask potential employees during a job interview regarding disabilities.

4 Important Things To Do After A Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, it is natural to feel shocked and overwhelmed. Emotional trauma is common because these accidents can have devastating consequences. When you are feeling these emotions, you may not act or think in a rational manner. The best thing to do is be prepared before an accident ever occurs. Below you will find four important things to do if you are involved in a car accident.

How Adultery Will Impact A Divorce Case

For some couples, adultery is the reason they file for divorce. For others, infidelity occurs during the divorce proceedings while the couple is still legally married. How adultery will impact a divorce case can vary from state to state and case to case.   When The Affairs Costs Money In the event that a spouse spends a large amount of money on the person they are having an affair with, the betrayed spouse could be due compensation.

About Getting Justice After A Coworker Starts A False Rumor

If getting through each work day has become a struggle because a coworker started a false rumor about you, it is wise to quickly bring the situation under control. The first step to bringing your torment to an end is to speak to a personal injury lawyer about what you are going through because of the rumor that is circulating at work. Take a look at the article below to learn how a lawyer can assist with helping you win a personal injury case against the coworker that is making your life miserable.

5 Reasons To Obtain A Tax Attorney

Dealing with taxes can get complicated and is certainly not to be on your list of fun things to do. However, regardless of your tax dilemma, there is legal assistance available to you. When it comes to something as serious as filing and paying taxes, you want to ensure accuracy. By knowing some of the common reasons a tax attorney can help you, this may be beneficial to you in this situation.

Can You Appeal Your Sentence After Your Conviction?

What happens if you’re convicted of a crime but you think the sentence you’ve been given is too harsh and unfair? Can you file an appeal? The answer depends on several factors and there are some things you should consider before you do. How did your conviction happen? If you accepted a plea agreement, you may or may not have the right to file an appeal on the sentence. Generally speaking, most plea bargains require you to admit to the crime and give up your right of appeal in order to get a reduced sentence.

Consider Using A Mediator In Your Family Law Case

Just because you are getting a divorce, that doesn’t mean it needs to turn into a huge fight. Even though you might see countless stories in the news about all of these millions being spent on a nasty divorce, that doesn’t have to be your situation. To help get through your divorce amicably, you might want to consider going through divorce mediation. With mediation, both parties will sit down with a mediator to determine what is in the best interest of both individuals.