Reasons Why You May Want To Hire An Estate Administration Attorney

You may have been named the executor in your loved one’s will, and you now feel completely overwhelmed in what to do. While some wills are pretty straightforward and clearly defined in what should happen to your loved one’s property and other assets, others might be a bit more complicated. They could include a business, several houses and investment properties, and more. While not all cases require taking the matter to court in probate, you might feel more comfortable consulting an estate administration attorney to help you with the overall process.

How To Disinherit Someone: Is The $1 Story True?

A claim that occasionally travels around, either through word-of-mouth or social media, is that the way to disinherit someone and make sure they can’t win any of your estate is to mention them specifically in your will and leave them a specific small amount, such as $1. This makes sense at first, but when you look at how the current estate-planning field works, it’s not completely accurate. Before you rely on a social media post for estate-planning advice, speak with an actual estate-planning attorney because you don’t have to send money to anyone you disinherit.

Why Hiring A Family Lawyer For Your Custody Case Is Better Than Going Through It Alone

Custody and alimony battles can get ugly very quickly. There are a lot of emotions involved with most divorces, and things can escalate further when there are children involved. If you see yourself going down this path in the near future, it will be to your benefit to hire a family lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you think you and your spouse can work things out like adults, having a family lawyer to talk or vent to can help you get through this process with your sanity (and your bank account) intact.

What To Know About Being Injured As A Motorcycle Passenger

Were you in a situation where you were involved in an accident as a passenger on a motorcycle? If so, you may be wondering what you should do to receive compensation for your injuries. Injured By A Third Party If the person responsible for the accident was a third party, such as another vehicle that collided with the motorcycle, then you have the same rights as the driver of the motorcycle you were on.

Don't Sign That Workers' Comp Settlement Until...

After a work injury, it can be tempting to get everything over with as soon as possible. This, however, might be one time that it pays to take your time before you sign on the dotted line. Before you agree to a lump-sum settlement, be sure to consider everything because most workers’ comp settlements cannot be reopened once closed. To help you understand the implications, read below. Know Something About the Future

When You May Have A Valid Product Liability Lawsuit

Were you recently injured due to a product that you were using and feel like the manufacturer should be held responsible for your injury? You can receive compensation through a product liability lawsuit if you feel like the injury was caused by one of these reasons. Design Defect A design defect is when a product is not originally intended to be dangerous, but there is a defect in the design that unintentionally causes danger.

3 Reasons Why You Need an Attorney After an Aviation Accident

One of the most convenient and safe modes of transport today is air travel. It allows you to go to other countries and continents within a short period, something other modes of transport cannot attain at the moment. But even with the benefits, airplanes can be involved in accidents when mishaps occur, and since it’s above ground, the effects are more severe. Having an aviation attorney to represent you or your family once you are involved in an aviation accident can ensure you are rights are protected and compensated.

How Far Does A Shadow Of A Doubt Go In Criminal Defense?

One of the defense’s main goals in most criminal cases is to case doubt on the prosecution’s arguments. This happens because the standard of proof is that the prosecutor must prove the case beyond a shadow of a doubt. What exactly does that mean, though, and how far can a criminal defense attorney go in casting doubt on a case? Reasonableness It’s worth taking a moment to first note that reasonableness governs all of this.

How Family Law Diverges From Other Fields Of Law

Whether you’ve been to court before or not, you probably have a particular image of what the process is like. Generally, the popular image of a court is based on criminal or civil proceedings. However, the family court can be an entirely different beast to deal with. Let’s examine how family law diverges from other areas you might be more familiar with. No Adversaries Yes, for folks involved in custody fights or contentious divorces, this might sound a bit odd.

3 Reasons You Need To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney

Life is full of risks and uncertainties. Even when everything seems to go as planned, you need to protect your loved ones’ interests should something happens to you. Estate planning will give you some peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be well catered for even in your absence. Estate planning lawyers are able to help ensure your desires are well written and adhered to even after you leave.

Drug Possession Has Serious Consequences

If you have been accused of having a controlled substance, you are not alone. Many people have been in your situation before, and many people have been able to work their way through it and come out the other side. Here’s what you need to know about drug possession charges. It Is Illegal to Possess Certain Substances Controlled substances can include everything from prescription drugs to street drugs, all of which means that you can face serious charges.