About Getting Justice After A Coworker Starts A False Rumor

If getting through each work day has become a struggle because a coworker started a false rumor about you, it is wise to quickly bring the situation under control. The first step to bringing your torment to an end is to speak to a personal injury lawyer about what you are going through because of the rumor that is circulating at work. Take a look at the article below to learn how a lawyer can assist with helping you win a personal injury case against the coworker that is making your life miserable.

1. Your Case Will Be Built Based On a Psychological Injury

A personal injury lawsuit does not have to pertain to something that has physically happened to you, as a psychological injury can be just as harmful. The focus of building an argument for your case will be to prove to the court that you are affected by the rumor that your coworker started. However, you will first have to convince a lawyer that the rumor is not truthful. Basically, all you will have to do is answer a few questions that the lawyer will ask about the incident. He or she will need to know specific details about how the rumor has affected your life, such as whether you are now a loner at work because your character was defamed.

2. The Other Party Will Be Asked to Attend a Mediation Session

When you have convinced a lawyer that you have a strong psychological injury argument, he or she will try to come up with a resolution as quickly as possible. Rather than taking the matter to court, the lawyer will try to resolve things by speaking to the other party via mediation. The other party will also be able to bring his or her own lawyer to the session to contest starting a false rumor. However, your lawyer will make sure that he or she has sufficient evidence and witnesses to make your claim difficult to deny by the other party.  You are likely to win a settlement during mediation if the other party is cooperative, but the lawsuit will move to court if there is no success with mediation.

3. You Can Get Compensated for Multiple Things

In order to teach the other party a lesson, your lawyer will make sure that you are compensated for everything that is legally possible. Defamation of character is the main thing that can win you compensation. You can also receive money for counseling, any work that was missed because of the rumor, as well as your pain and suffering.  Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out if you have a strong enough case against your coworker or not.