Is a Lawyer Needed When Injured in an Auto Accident?

Were you injured in an auto accident and now are wondering if you need a lawyer to help settle your case? Here is what you need to know about seeking legal representation from personal injury lawyers in an injury case.

Lawyers Can Add Valuable Insight

While you may think that you have an open and shut case due to the nature of your injury, know that insurance providers will always try to give you a lower offer to pay out as little as possible. If you are unfamiliar with auto injury settlements, you have no idea what kind of settlement offer is realistic. 

You also may make your injury out to be less than what it really is, and forget about all the things that help add to a potential settlement. For example, if you suffered a back injury in your auto accident, you may be focused on that particular injury. However, you don't want to forget about minor problems that happened as a result of the injury, such as other body parts that received minor injuries, lost wages, durable medical goods, and even pain and suffering. If you end up getting just the costs back for your medical bills, know that it will go right back to your insurance provider to pay them back for their expenses. A lawyer will add the necessary insight to know what compensation to ask for.

Injuries May Not Show Up Right Away

Know that the injuries that result from an auto accident can come long after the accident happens. If you make the mistake of only telling the insurance adjuster about your main injury, they may become doubtful of other injuries that you notify them about later. This can cause you to lose out on compensation for those injuries that were not apparent at first.

A lawyer will handle all of your interactions with insurance adjusters, and ensure that the right things are said regarding your injury. You don't want to be put in a position where you said the wrong thing and now your injuries are being challenged. 

Injuries May Not Be Worth Taking to Court

Know that being injured in an auto accident doesn't always lead to a successful case that needs to go to court. Minor injuries may have a big problem with winning the case in court, which wastes your time and money to file court documents. Your lawyer can advise you if the case is worth moving forward with based on their history of working on similar cases.